Wednesday, February 12, 2014

She asks 'why don't you attend philosopher night?'
Without pause I say because I'm just a fledgling
(trying to be funny; who in their right mind would ever attend a 'philosophy' night?)

You need to take care of your air-
It's a very thin, delicate thing and maybe your technology can be developed to cope
You will not be able to curb yourselves; your appetite. You will not be able
to stop cutting trees, drive less, get things around etc. Your air will suffer, and you should
take pains to look at that problem
I see a day when huge, cubical, bigger than building conditioners dot the landscape 

You need to reconsider (actually, you'll have to) your energy source-
Feeding off fossil fuels isn't sustainable for you as a species
Maybe get familiar with magnetics or something, or achieve the holy grail
of fusion; I see a day when a small ball of light provides all the energy we need

Take a plastic bag. You can burn it, bin it, toss it in the sea;
The philosopher in you will out the answer- 'SAME' - entropy
It does well and is human and healthy to think about it.

Monday, February 10, 2014

I was always taught that showing up unprepared was worse than not showing up at all
To this day I believe a bit of that; and have had to write many letters explaining my lack of presence;
Due to my lack of pencil.

Write when thoroughly awake or just before.