Thursday, January 29, 2009

Where did we learn to flick? You know, the action of springing a finger, usually the 'middle', from the resistance of our thumb? I heard today on the radio that evolutionary scientists are confounded by the fact that we alone amongst the animals, blush (I wouldn't be confounded by that fact, nor am I convinced of it). But they can find no 'missing link' that also blushes. It is an innately human trait.
Never seen anything else that flicked either.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

These green grapes suck, though they may look good.
They are so filled with water the skin wants to bust, like a balloon.
And they are quite tasteless. God forbid there be seeds.
Similar to the bloated celery we grow. Full of water; no taste.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Number 1:
You never learn to listen to other people.
Number 2:
You eventually learn enough so that you never have to listen to other people.

Poe- I can't ever even remember reading him, but I am familiar with some of his stories from a young age. But I can say, that after rereading him now that I am less tender, that he blows away Rousseau, Voltaire, Twain, Dickens, (this list could go on) and anyone else that may be occasioned into the mix; that his dexterity with written words, fluidity of mind, breadth of knowledge, passion for investigation, propensity for prophesy, has rarely been bested. His sarcasm only worshipped to the point of aping, his deduction studied to the point of mimicking.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

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Words are more difficult than paintbrushes.

I ate:
yeast, butter (good), cream cheese (full fat philli), fish (salmon, probably farmed), red onion
half a loaf of french baguette, mayo, pastrami (one portion), leerdhamer (sp?)
one whole hot chili pepper (from uganda)
half a stem of bloated celery and half a head of lettuce
iceberg soy extract and chicken
salt and pepper.
all quite randomly.
lots of proteins, some vitamins, very few lipids.

Things are nice: Children, Dogs, Diamond rings.
What is nicer must be to not need anything.

A crisis is always an opportunity.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

do you remember when we were in that small little vermont town?
the place we stayed in was covered with soft to (coincide) hide the creaky
and then outside though you were cold
all those single candles in every one window.
that's what i remember.

sit on my left side, my left hip
and it is very comfortable.
so i make a habit of sitting on my right,
but not as much as i'd like.

I feel as though i've dug myself out.
How do i test that? some monks?
(during a treat of Joe Walshs' 'confessor')

Philosopy is the highest art.
And amongst other things,
it is the art of having better ideas
than all the previous idiots.

I want to go out among you.
tell you it's okay.
pat you on the head, hug you.
but ya'll have too many fuckin'
and knives,
how does anyone (still) do that?

Whatever anything anyone says to me is positive.

RE: Understanding
I would imagine that it is the girls that are having a harder time right now.


How to reveal oneself is a higher conundrum to pine over than knowing oneself.