Thursday, April 25, 2013

On addiction:

I would rather deal with demons while living than meet them unexpectedly upon dying.
There's no need for surprises.

- written in response to learning of a university pal's lifelong addiction/battle/love affair with cocaine.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

On man:

The only thing a man needs in his life is a woman strong enough to say 'No'.
Otherwise he'd steal, maraud and conquer.
I surmise that Genghis, Alexander and dare I mention him...Hitler
did what they did because they were bereft of a good woman.
The domain of No is the land of women.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

On excellent wordplay:

It's easy to be a Freud
All you have to do is ask.

my dream of april 11 sprung me from the bed
it was early and was only able to race down for a few notes; these aren't them-

we were invited to a lady's art opening, all was good and happy and wholesome
seems she was a friend of my mother's, who was there-
mom looked beautiful, very young in the face, with a band holding back her hair
i told her so and kissed her on the cheek
you and i looked around and liked the exhibit, we were actually pleasantly impressed
towards the back were less artistic things, more...arts and crafts
and there was glitter spread around the floor,
that turned into footprints
of gold glitter
led to an area with a lot of small things and a pricelist
which was made from construction paper, black, with gold and silver writing
like from one of those kids pens
i found a couple of christmas tree ornaments, thought they were cool
said..."we should buy one of these for my mom"
they were twenty five quid each and you said we should buy both
we argued over that as i thought just one would do
examining it while contemplating it i turned it over
the engraving of the artists name was on the underside:
'cristina thirsten'
then looked at you and said 'christmas cows!' and woke in a start, like a bomb
i was bounced out of bed
ran downstairs and wrote:

'cristina thirsten, x-mas cows'...underlined.

had coffee...went back to bed. have found no info about either on the www
not that i expected it.

Monday, April 08, 2013

On our similarity to flowers:

I am a happy spring
Hard like daffodil

Damn, the power of M. Nature!
Tackling the garden for the first time this spring she's adjusted everything...moved shit around!

Contemplate the things you want to do; things you have to do can wait.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

On my burial:

Please do not put me under the ground or in a box.
Preferably- burn me outside, or, at the VERY least, lay me down on the ground;
pile rocks upon my stretched out body and cross my arms peacefully upon my chest.

Roman Burial Site, Cregannon, Wales. 2013.

I was dismayed while young when taught that the average human can only really focus for a few minutes...wait...