Tuesday, October 22, 2013

We believe in god because we haven't met a superior.

Friday, October 11, 2013

I find myself getting upset with inanimate objects:
come to think of it, why shouldn't I? The toaster, the broom, the phone, the rugs
paint cans, toolbox, utensils, toothbrush, razors, ovens, microwaves, de-humidifyers
light bulbs, batteries, sockets, shoes, laundry detergent butter cup, coverings

And I get upset so rarely

Friday, October 04, 2013

You love before gaining the right to reprimand.

Geez...in a somewhat buoyant mood I was walking down the street when I noticed in a window display a nice rolled up wool blanket with a label on it that advertised 'RECYCLED' and it just ruined my errand. I mean shit, the welsh shepherds can't give their wool away, most gets binned. They get peanuts per sheep, which need to be sheared in the spring anyway or else they'll die of insulation (don't get me started on how welsh lamb goes to France and British lamb comes from New Zealand), but yet, THEY want me to pay MORE for a recycled wool blanket, made from what? a collection of old underpants?
It's the little things that are really annoying. We handle the big bad news because it's usually far away. But it's the little things that are the problem. The problem is not the internet, or the TV. It's the little things that we see everyday, stomach, and go on with our errand. We stomach the idiocy. Bury it with KFC. Our bad habits, be they drugs, sitcoms, alcohol or murder mysteries, are most likely forged from an attempt to sterilize this idiocy.
Are we truly the sheep? To be marketed to like that?
For f(**&ks sake, you can gather bushels of wool just by walking around the fields here and gathering the stuff that the wind has blown into the fences...please...at the very least,
make me a nice new wool goddamn blanket.
Sometimes living amongst humans is unbearable.
Now, what was that errand? Oh yeah...weatherstripping.

I hate it when I don't win, in poker, for example
When I don't win the world is not right
When I don't win everything is fucked up

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

That land belongs to the Indians by right and to the descendents of slaves by circumstance and we should give it all back.
It's turned into an untidy little experiment.