Tuesday, September 27, 2011

If we don't grow past things...If we don't get bored with things...
Then what ARE we doing?

Damn, just gave away a lot of good literature. What I couldn't bring myself to part with freely, I burned in my fire.
Few remain now on my shelf-
the overfelt, the over-read, the disintigrated.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

As if he knew me from another life, Jack came lopedarting to me over sand.
He was young then, maybe 2(months)  I cared for him into adulthood.
He settled into his home...would take his young sibling cat into his jaws.
Jack would wait for me to come, wasn't excitable but could be.
Jack turned out to be my best friend and knew it and loved it.
Jack was intimidating, but mostly just sat and watched with me.
He'd look at me, say 'did you see that?', I'd say 'yes, glad you did too'
They tried to warn me, caribbean friends, 'take care that dog na'
I didn't listen, couldn't bring myself to believe people 'be any bad'
Jack was stolen from me, most everyone agreed- pit bull training.

I should've gated him in, should've fenced him, should've caged him. I should have...
I walked days and miles through cassie and through eden calling 'jack!' 'Jack!'
Jack was the biggest dog on the island.

see post:  http://www.poetrycritical.net/read/6731/

Monday, September 12, 2011

Scallion (american), Spring Onion (british)
Curly Parsley and Flat Parsley

Crushed Chilis
Black Pepper


Snow and grass
mean different things

Saturday, September 03, 2011


K  i d s   2 0 1 1

K i d s   2 0 1 0

Draw- the warming of the face and cooling of the ears by fire.

S P A I N  S H O P    2 0 1 0

Friday, September 02, 2011

Human beings will consume one hundred million barrels of oil worldwide, yesterday- and another today. We are oil eating creatures, currently. This is not sustainable- there are options; and to be honest, petroleum doesn't taste that good.

A lot of our energy goes into cooling the chips inside your phone, laptop, desktop. Hear the little fan? how many billions of computer chips are currently requiring cooling? Think heating is an issue?
Computer makers biggest challenge has always been keeping chips cool.
Billions of little fans.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

I read that Nasa was working to develop a nuclear reactor the size of a suitcase that would aid in our colonization of the moon and mars.
What humankind needs is a safe, clean, nuclear reactor the size of a suitcase to power our cities, our towns, and our homes.
High technology trickles down to us for entertainment, but doesn't seem to trickle down into our homes to keep us warm. We need clean energy and a better way to deal with the waste.
The sea and the land are getting full.
There are technologies out there that could democratize us all (not just westerners), keep us warm and fed (and keep the ipod on) but we're not getting it.
Energy is certainly our biggest pressing concern.