Tuesday, May 14, 2013

On Faith:

I was in England for two days and on the third was invited to go north by an acquaintance of friends so i said ok and threw my wood box luggage into the back of his smart car. He drove like a maniac, smoked twenty joints in the first hour and kept jamming these things he called 'poppers' up his nose. It was raining hard and at ninety miles an hour he tried to pass a rig and the spray pushed our smart car off the motorway, into the 'central reservation' as he called it later. I remember my heart not skipping a beat.
In Newcastle upon Tyne he'd tell me to keep my mouth shut before entering one of the many 'rough' pubs he took me to; he was invariably cast out, I got on fine.
He was a lunatic, but for some reason I never questioned my decision to go with this stranger on this journey.
He delivered me very early on a January morning into the ruins of Lindisfarne.
He knew the tides.
I walked around Holy Island alone under a three quarter moon (he didn't bother to get out of the car) on that
cold morning, and admit to not being able to resist driving my knees into the grass of that ancient nave. Extraordinary.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Drive by:

Took a few hundred miles to chuckle and not stop when badges, middle road displayed.

It took a few hundred miles more to adjust to threatening arms and cordially wave.

Friday, May 03, 2013

To the DIYer-  Carpentry:

Wood lives on way after cutting it down
even 'kiln dried' wood reflects, deflects;
cellular structures can't be depended upon
fastening is most important, after logic.
screws are ok, particularly the new ones
nails generally are better, glue is the best
A lot of the work you do will not be seen
though the aging response of it will
it is imperative that this invisible work
be done strong, thoroughly, and logical.
When your hands get dry rub your head
plants (even dead) love human grease best
You can not bang construction together
it's piece by piece, go slow and look (stare)
by far your sense of touch is required most
You can be rough, you're will is the builder
Use fewer tools; your fingertips, fingernails
and your palms will do in nearly all finishing.

On bonds:

What is important is not that all things are connected (interconnectedness?) for two things can be locked in combat no?
Is it not the type of bonds that hold things together of more importance and of more worth?